College Scholarships


2014    Zach Blessing & Jamie Naill Jr.     

2011    Brian Martin & Ryan Robinson

2009    Eric Diehl & Lance Middlekamp

2008    Louis Sheppard & Matt Witte

2007    Jeremy Grove & Chris Maienshein

2004    Brandon Kennedy

2002    Scott Evelius

Although our primary goal is to develop players and to achieve success at the high school level, this program also assists certain players at the collegiate level. In 2001, the Titans Baseball Club College Scholarship was established to recognize deserving seniors and to help them meet their financial responsibilities. Titans Baseball Club awards a $1,000.00 Scholarship to a deserving College Student based on the following criteria:

*Demonstrates leadership, character and outstanding sportsmanship

*Contributes back to the Titans Baseball Club Program

*Number of years participating in the Titans Baseball Club Organization

*Has a desire to play collegiate baseball


Please send any nominations for the Titans Baseball Club College Scholarship to Thank you!